Motion Portrait: Technology that Creates Expressive, Animated Faces from Just One Photo

Our technology can breathe life into a single photo. Upload a photo to this demo, and try it yourself!

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This is the main concept of our technology. Combined with different technologies, it has a wide variety of applications!

Motion Portrait

  • This is our core technology. It creates a 3D face-model out of a single photo,which in turn can be animated freely. Together with its own facial expression engine and texture mapping, it can create a variety of expressions and actions such as human emotions, make-up simulations, morphing, singing, dancing, aging, etc. It can also be used as a virtual try-on tool for items such as hairstyles and eyeglasses.
  • With high speed and lightweight software libraries, Motion Portrait technology provides a pleasant user experience on mobile platforms.

MP Narikiri

  • This technology can merge users’ faces into photos of professional models. It can synthesize natural photos despite different lighting conditions and photo resolutions.
  • Adjustments to matching can be made easily, using graphical user interactions. Further, 3D animations after merging are also possible.

MP Movie

  • Applying MP Narikiri technology to movies, MP movie can make an ordinary user a movie character. Natural movie composition is possible, irrespective of pose and facial expression. It provides a convenient way to bring out a professional actor’s performance from an ordinary person!

MP Face Analyzer

  • Our proprietary algorithms analyze the location and shape parameters of a user’s photo.
  • Sizes, locations, and contours of facial features such as eyes, nose, mouth and eyebrows.
  • Applications include recommendation of hairstyles and make-up, and also creating caricatures.