MP Nigaoe

Create a Nigaoe - likeness of the user, based on the attributes of their face. This process requires the prior preparation of parts that will be used to make the faces. The aesthetic style of these parts determine the outcome.

Whether it is simple cuteness that you want, or photorealism, or anything in between, please let us know. We can create the eye, nose, mouth, eyebrow, and face shape parts based on our know-how.

The Nigaoe can be made to show emotional expressions, talk, or animated in other ways. Animated GIF file output is also available.

People who are not comfortable using their real faces as their avatars on SNS sites may find these Nigaoe easier to use.

Services that create Nigaoe based on one's unique facial attributes are very popular with people of all ages, and you can them to generate buzz for you.