Motion Portrait: Technology that Creates Expressive, Animated Faces from Just One Photo

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New iMessage Extension: FaceMaker
2016.10.04 MotionPortrait released its first iMessage Extension “FaceMaker”, making it easier for iMessage users to use MP technology. With FaceMaker, users can create “Emoji” like stickers with their own faces, by adding items and funny facial expressions.
IOFT Exhibition
2016.10.03-05 Motionportrait exhibits the new business concept at IOFT on October 3th(Mon) - 5(Wed)
LOTTE Coolish campaign
2016.06.28-08.31 MotionPortrait developed MP Movie engine for LOTTE Coolish campaign
2016.05.27-29 Motionportrait exhibits the new business concept at SABAE MEGANE MESSE 2016
KIRIN "Gogo no Kocha" web campaign
2016.05.05 MotionPortrait developed Anna Maria generator engine, for KIRIN "Gogo no Kocha" web campaign.