Message from the CEO

Astonishing and spectacular technologies surprise users and leave them impressed. People are so moved by the experience that it changes their views.

The world has not changed. What has changed is our lives. Each experience enriches your life.

Our motto, "Surprise and Impress" is a source of enrichment. We hope to color your life with the feelings that our technology evokes. MotionPortrait, Inc. explores the world of new entertainment by unifying technology and sensibility.

Our products and services must be strongly supported by our technology, our sensibilities, and our creativity. This task is not easy. It requires cutting-edge ideas and advanced technology, as well as a proclivity for innovation.

As top engineers and top creators, we aim to be a group that consistently surprises and impresses its clients. Furthermore, we continue to find ways to steadily advance towards greater goals.

Junichi Fujita
(CEO, MotionPortrait, Inc.)

代表取締役社長 藤田純一